2018 Kuitpo Road Trip Syrah

2018 Kuitpo Road Trip Syrah

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Have you ever been to Kuitpo?

It's at the southern tip of the Adelaide Hills, a beautiful area of rolling pasture, dense forests, lovely people and tasty grapes.

In 2018 we were lucky to get a hold of a small parcel of Syrah to make this wine.

Our Road Trip Syrah was hand-picked and open-fermented with a decent portion of bunches kept whole to create a wine which is bright, juicy and fruit forward. We think it sits in the Syrah camp stylistically but one person's She-Razz is another person's She-Raah.

Ideal for enjoying with friends after a hike, on a log, by a fire when the swag is set and the sun is going down.

We only produced 240 bottles of this wine.