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We love Road Trips. Who doesn’t love Road Trips?!
We especially loved Road Trips in Dusty – our trusty brown Nissan Urvan we both  owned consecutively, in the olden days. Dusty is now “retired” on Kangaroo Island but we have kept him alive in our Road Trip Range labels.
The Road Trip Range celebrates our love for adventure in the wine world. We weren’t born into vineyard-owning families (unfortunately) and we don’t have the cash to buy or plant our own vineyard (yet). But what we do have is a sense of adventure - an enthusiasm to learn, to make and to share.
Our Road Trip Range takes us to wine regions we’re interested in learning about, making wines from and sharing. Our hope is that wine drinkers will enjoy these wines and maybe even visit somewhere they’ve never been – either in their glass, or in their car (but not at the same time).
It’s what makes wine so special – when you drink wine you’re not just tasting a grape-based alcoholic beverage. You’re tasting a place, and every place has a different story.  What is that place saying to you?
So far our Road Trip Range has taken us to Geelong, Beechworth, Langhorne Creek, Kangaroo Island and McLaren Vale.  We’re looking forward to sharing our Road Trips with you.
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    2018 Road Trip Rosé
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    2017 Road Trip Sangiovese
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