Small Changes

Inspired by a song lyric, our name pushes us to dream big and act often. Our belief that making many small changes can achieve many great things drives us to never die wondering ‘why is it like that?’, or ‘what if we did this?’. We want to do the right thing in everything we can, to make a small change but a good one.

Our Labels

We print straight onto the bottle using the skills of the good people at Glass Print Solutions in the Adelaide Hills. There are three main reasons for this:

Firstly because it creates a striking, bold and memorable impression.

Secondly it is a historical nod to Madeira where Verdelho (the primary grape which makes Small Change White) has been used in the production of their wines for centuries and labels are printed straight onto bottles in clear stencil lettering.

Third, and most importantly, is to avoid wastage. Having stood watch over labelling print runs where as much stock is wasted as printed for use, it seemed unnecessary for us to print out paper stock when there was such an attractive alternative.


We reckon we're pretty lucky folk. Not only did we have the good fortune to be born in this wide brown land, we also have shelter from the elements and food on our tables. Plus we get to follow our dreams to make and drink wine, which is excellent fun.

Not everyone is as lucky as that, and we feel a responsibility to lend some assistance those who could use a leg-up.

We think KIVA does a better job than we could of managing that. You can learn more here but in short they connect people who have spare money with people who require money to live, but in the form of a loan which they repay. It's microfinance and by all reports is an empowering exchange for the borrower as well as effective use of profits for the lender.

We make a new loan for every 10 cases we sell, which may not sound like a lot but we choose to re-lend repayments as new loans, and so far have contributed to 75 people getting a hand in their endeavours. We help fund programs which focus on female education and health as we think that this can make the biggest positive change for the most people.

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