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Small Change Wines started with a conversation about keeping life from stagnating, about reviving broken dreams, about striving for fun times, about making things - delicious things. Wine, being the most delicious of all things was a very obvious beginning, even more so given our years of experience in the industry.

The simple philosophy for us is to make wines we enjoy drinking with friends any day of the week. Wines which are accessible, approachable and made in quantities we can sustain each year. Minimal intervention is important to us with the grapes handled as naturally as possible from vine to bottle, avoiding unnecessary additions and keeping the alcohol as low as possible.

We’re an independent business based in Adelaide, South Australia and produced our first vintage in 2013, not wanting to take over the world but just make it a better and more interesting place.



Rhys has spent most of his adult life working with wine in a variety of roles and locations under the tutelage of some of Australia’s premier winemakers including Jacques Lurton, Brian Croser, Xavier Bizot and the d’Arenberg team of grape gurus.

After a decade of delivering, crushing, plunging, stirring, pumping, selling, blending, bottling, marketing and educating about other people’s wine it was time to put his own liquid ambitions into bottle, a dream achieved with the first vintage of Small Change Wines in 2013.

Rhys manages the production and creative direction of the wines, inside and outside the bottles. He likes interesting and delicious things.



Andrew is a thinker-grower-maker; a happenator.

Adherence to the maxim "you make the world a better place by making yourself a better person", has seen a decade of small changes to his personal behaviour, culminating in a Permaculture Design Certificate.

He's particularly interested in the provenance of things we consume, searching for and replicating techniques which have stood the test (and refinement) of time and culture. A couple of vintages in the Yarra Valley, working for teachers like David Bicknell, Andrew Marks, Timo Mayer continues the lesson of making things.

Andrew manages the business - the nuts and bolts and everything in between. He likes farmer's markets and Italian food and learning new ideas.


Rhys (0427777613) and Andrew (0435344642) are jointly responsible for sales.

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