2018 Vintage

SC Road Trip Rose 18 small 


Road Trip Rosé 2018

Our 2018 Road Trip Rosé is the second consecutive vintage we have released and the first made with Langhorne Creek Malbec. Have you ever been to Langhorne Creek? It's a beautiful part of the world only an hour's drive from Adelaide. We've been making wine there since 2013 and after the huge success of our first Road Trip Rosé we really wanted to make another one but this time in bigger quantities and from Malbec, one of the premier grapes of the region. 

Our 2018 Road Trip Rosé is dry, elegant, picked early for fine acid balance, barrel-fermented for complexity and texture and into bottle ready for release now - fresh and delicious. No added acid (lots of commercial rosés have tartaric acid added to make them seem fresher than they are) and low sulphur. It's also vegan-friendly, no commercial winemaking tricks and no cloudy "natural" affectations either. Just delicious, fresh, honest dry rosé made for pure drinking pleasure.


Available direct from producer (us) to consumer (you) for $20/bottle here.








Small Changes White 2018


Small Changes White 2018 is our sixth consecutive release of this wine. We love making small changes, eagle-eyed label readers will notice one or two new ones this year. The wine is mostly Langhorne Creek Verdelho with Sauvignon Blanc from both the Adelaide Hills and 'The Creek' blended in for aromatic lift and textural ZING.

Designed for pure enjoyment and a moment's escape in the finest of company - on a boat, in a hammock, buried in the sand. We hope you like it.


Available direct from producer (us) to consumer (you) for $20/bottle here




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